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This is Kickass Women. An inclusive space to celebrate all women. A place where we get inspired. Where we’re allowed to boldly be ourselves. Where we lift each other up. Where you can find your personal cheerleading squad. A space to teach and learn from each other. No matter your fight, your inspiration, your project, we’re with you.

Together, we’re Kickass Women.

International Womens Day 2021

What are you choosing to challenge?


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If you’re a Kickass Woman we want to hear from you. Whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur at the beginning of your journey, a creative with boundless energy looking to share your skills or a daring writer with a story to tell, get in touch.

We welcome anyone with an idea for an event, a pop-up, talk, workshop or blog. Just send us a message and let’s start a conversation.

We believe in working together to forge long lasting and impactful connections. You’ll be working with a core team of strong women, who will listen to you, create with you and treat you with respect. We endeavour to be an anti-racist, trans-inclusive, welcoming, safe environment for all.

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