Kickass Women was launched in 2019 as part of International Women’s Day.

We seek to provide a platform for women who are kicking ass in their working lives. Whether that be the creative industries, small businesses, freelancers, tech startups, charity, hospitality, entertainment and more.

We approach every element of our programme with inclusivity and representation in mind. Every panel should strive to reflect what we see in the real world. We want to champion underrepresented voices, including women of colour, working-class voices, older women and those who identify as LGBTQAI+ in our working lives.

Kickass Women is a resource for all to come together and learn, educate and inspire. We’re offering a variety of events which are designed to help women in their careers, with their creativity or personal lives. Think of us as your friendly, feminist toolkit.


Kickass Women was founded by PLATF9RM, an award-winning, dynamic workspace. We are Brighton & Hove’s largest independent coworking community of businesses and creatives, known for its lively and collaborative culture. Since opening four years ago, we have contributed to the growth of over 3,400 local, national and international organisations and are home to 850 members and 400 companies.

We curate a vibrant programme of social, business and cultural events that cultivates a spirit of openness and trust. We’re about creating shared experiences that delight and where people can connect.

The KW Team

Emilie is the one behind the PLATF9RM brand; her keen eye for detail and design sets her apart from the rest. She works tirelessly with community building for the business and is always looking for ways in which we can enrich our members experience.

Emilie keeps it kickass by enjoying the freedom to be a student of life; always learning and evolving.

Kristina supports our community with her entrepreneurial expertise and spirit. Having founded her own angel investment agency, South East Angels, and managing various accelerators in the South, Kristina is a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

She keeps it kickass by supporting and encouraging people to make their business ideas into reality.

Cecilia is our talented and enterprising Events Coordinator; there is never an event too challenging, a problem too large or an idea too ambitious. She brings a passion and drive to all of our events, and makes sure our programme runs super smooth.

Cecilia keeps it kickass through her determination to live a life crafted by her own means.

Annie is the creative spirit behind all of PLATF9RM’s Copywriting and Communications, and her superpower is her ability to articulate ideas and concepts into engaging and meaningful content. We know that whatever the message, she’ll forge a connection between what is written and its ethos.

Annie keeps it kickass by making sure she creates spaces to support and build up women everywhere she goes.

Tara is our vibe curating, conversation-starting, hospitality whizz Member Experience manager. She makes sure everyone she works with feels supported, heard and happy. Her passion for people makes her a brilliant manager, able to handle any member, team or community need.

Tara keeps it kickass by always finding the humour in the things life brings her way.